Young Adult Program

The young adult program is a strength and weight program for teenagers and young adults. It is designed to help them improve their cardio vascular endurance, upper, lower body, and core strength, and develop muscle toning. It is also designed to help children with special needs transition into exercise as a life skill.



The multi-gym is a multi-system exercise equipment



Develop & Improve upper and lower body strength

Improve core strength

Develop muscles

Improve muscle toning

Improve posture

Helps to burn fat & lose weight




The treadmil is a cardio equipment.



Improve cardio vascular endurance

Improve leg strength

Improve speed

Improve core strength

Helps to burn fat & lose weight




XerPro SPORT WALL is a neuro-physical training solutions deliver fun and highly motivating game-based workouts for people of all ages and abilities.



Improve tracking and visual spatial awareness

Improve sport fundamentals 

Improve upper and lower body strength 

Improve memory and focus

Improve gross motor  & motor planning skills

Improve cardio vascular endurance 




MAKOTO is a multi-sensory innovative interactive equipment



Improve visual spatial awareness

Improve eye hand coordination 

Improve memory and attention 

Improve gross motor & fine motor skills

Improve coordination, strength and cardio vascular endurance

Improve kinesthetic awareness 

Improve reactionary movement