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Licensing Opportunity

We are offering the opportunity for individuals or companies to license the name LCF KIDS.

We also offer Consulting Program and Training service to help companies get started on the righ path

Individuals seeking to start their own company will have two options:

  1.  License the LCF KIDS name and purchase my Consulting Program & Training services

  2. Use your own company name and purchase my Consulting Program & Training services

The Gross Motor Skills Development Program is designed for professionals in the field of Adaptive Fitness & Gross Motor Development.  With this program you will be receive:

  • Evaluation/ assessment form to determine their strengths and challenges; and they will be able to set goals for the child.

  • Specific activities to be implemented in order to achieve their goals.

  • Lesson plans, learn how to implement the skills

  • Progress Reports -track progress.

  • All equipment needed to run the program.

  • You will also receive all the client forms needed to get started.

  • The program includes all the tools to be successful including a copy of my three books.

  • Marketing strategies and plan



Train staff on how to complete an Assessment, use of equipment and how to work with children to develop their skills.

If you are interested in licensing or consulting services please email:

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