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Sensory Adventure Open Play

Open Gym at LCF Kids is not like the typical open gym free play at other children's gym. LCF Kids Open Gym provides  structured therapeutic activities where parents can work with their child to improve specific kills. Our interactive multi-sensory fitness equipment allows children to engage their brain and body to achieve maximum results. Children are able to work on improving their attention, motor skills, strength, cardio, sensory integration, and cognitive skills all while having fun. Teenagers can also take advantage of our weight room and basketball court


Everyone must pre-register to participate in Open Gym, no drop in unless you call first to ensure there is space available.

To Register:

Call: 703-909-7971 or Email:



$15 per child per hour (Week days)

$25 per child per hour (Weekends)


Learn about the benefits of our main equipment below. You will find that what is common  among all of our equipment is they work on attention, gross motor skills, motor planning, cardio and most off the children have FUN.

XerPro Sport Wall

XerPro SPORT WALL is a neuro-physical training solutions deliver fun and highly motivating game-based workouts for people of all ages and abilities.


  • Improve tracking and visual spatial awareness

  • Improve sport fundamentals 

  • Improve upper and lower body strength 

  • Improve memory and focus

  • Improve gross motor  & motor planning skills

  • Improve cardio vascular endurance 

Interactive Climbing Wall
  • Improve upper body strength 

  • Improve gross motor and motor planning skills

  • Improve focus and visual spatial  awareness

  • Improve early learning intervention such as identifing: letters, numbers and shapes

  • Improve kinesthetic awareness


MAKOTO is a multi-sensory innovative interactive equipment



  • Improve visual spatial awareness

  • Improve eye hand coordination 

  • Improve memory and attention 

  • Improve gross motor & fine motor skills

  • Improve coordination, strength and cardio vascular endurance

  • Improve kinesthetic awareness 

  • Improve reactionary movement 

10-21-2011 091.jpg

TRAMPOLINE is a 30 feet long Tumble Trak



  • Provide sensory input and cardio vascular endurance 

  • Improve locomotor skills: such as hopping running and jumping

  • Improve gross motor skills

  • Improve lower leg strength 

  • Improve coordination

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