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Camp Forms

For those participants who are not clients of LCF Kids, or have never participated in camp with us, please complete the following forms attached:

•   LCF KIDS - Child Profile

•   LCF KIDS - Participation Agreement and Waiver

•   LCF KIDS - Registration Form/ Emergency Contact Form

Please return all completed forms at least three weeks before camp starts, or ASAP for late registrations.

You will also find the 2022 Summer Camp Packet attached for your review of the activities.

Protocols for Camp Participation:

  1. If your child is sick or have a temperature please keep them home

  2. Children need to bring their own water bottles each day. We can refill as needed

  3. All Staff members has been vaccinated.


Important Information


When coming to camp please bring:

•    Snacks (2 for all day)

•    Lunch (Full day campers)

•    Water bottle

•    Extra pair of clothing


Please do NOT pack any PEANUTS, or any product containing nuts.


We look forward to seeing you all at Camp.


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