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All staff members at LCF Kids have at least a four year degree in a related field and experience working with children with special needs. All staff members are qualified, vetted and trained as an Adaptive Fitness Specialist

Meet our team of dedicated professionals.

Ricardo A. Cunningham
Founder/ CEO

The founder and instructor, Ricardo Cunningham, is a graduate of George Mason University, with over 15 years of experience working with children of all ages and developmental levels. He is also the author of three books: Adaptive Sports Fundamentals, Adaptive Fitness and Gross Motor Development and How to Ride a Bike in 24-Hours. Ricardo has a M.B.A ins Business Administration, a B.S. degree in Health Fitness and Recreation Resources and an A.S. degree in Physical Education. Ricardo is a fitness educator, working with several schools in the Northern Virginia area to promote the importance of health and fitness amongst all children. He has worked with schools to create programs to integrate neurotypical and special needs children, where both demographics can work together to achieve a common goal.


He is the nephew to an aunt, one year his senior, who has Down Syndrome. And at a very young age Ricardo started assisting his aunt with her motor skills and helping her in physical activities and sport skills, so she would be more confident and feel included. His experience with his aunt drives his passion to help all children develop their athletic ability. Ricardo's vision is to create a safe environment where children of all ages can exercise and have fun at the same time.


Over the past 15 years, Ricardo has impacted the lives of many children with disabilities. He has a special gift of connecting with children with disabilities and helping them to develop their gross motor skills. Ricardo’s patience and knowledge has helped him to assist children that are physically disabled to walk; he has taught hundreds of children to ride their bikes; he has helped children that are overweight to lose weight and enjoy exercising; he has taught his students' team work and helped them to build their social skills through movement and sports.


Ricardo has also been a mentor to several college students by offering them internship opportunities at LCF. He states that “There is a great need for more people with the necessary skills, compassion, and patience for working with children with special needs; and if I am able to help mold someone into their purpose in life I am more than happy to help”.

Judy Morales
Lead Staff, Adaptive Fitness Specialist

Ashley Dharmasiri

Adaptive Fitness Specialist

Judy Morales is a graduate of Marymount University. Judy received her Bachelor's Degree in Health science, with emphasis on health promotion. She finished her degree requirements by completing a semester long internship at LCF Kids, working in adaptive fitness. She worked along the founder/CEO Ricardo Cunningham, learning and getting one on one training from him as an intern and then joined the LCF Kids team. She is now on her sixth year of adaptive fitness coaching, teaching students from ages 2 - 24 years old.


Judy's passion to work with kids began during her high school years. She volunteered at an elementary school’s fifth grade class, where she worked with mainstream kids; and she also volunteered for school events at Kenmore middle school where she was able to help children with special needs. She is devoted to helping all children gain confidence, learn life-changing skills and achieve their health and fitness goals. Judy is passionate about her work and looks forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of the children at LCF Kids

Ashley Dharmasiri is a graduate of Marymount University. Before obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, she interned at LCF Kids. During this internship experience, Ashley shadowed the LCF Kids Staff and learned the techniques behind adaptive fitness. She is delighted to be a new member of the team as an Adaptive Fitness Specialist.


Ashley has worked with children for the past 5 years. While in college she gained clinical experience working with adults who have special needs. She plans to pursue Occupational therapy, specializing in the pediatric and adolescent populations. Ashley finds great enthusiasm in helping others reach their goals and is excited to contribute to the children of LCF Kids.

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