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The founder of LCF KIDS has written three books that many parents and clients of LCF use as a supplemental guide when working with their children at home. Adaptive Fitness & Gross Motor Development, Adaptive Sports Fundamentals & How to Ride a Bike in 24-Hours. We also offer an E-Book of our Gross Motor Skills Development Program for professionals in the field.

Adaptive Sports Fundamentals

Many children play sports without learning the fundamental skills needed to execute the skills correctly.  This books breaks down the fundamental skills needed for 10 of the most popular sports: basketball, football, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, badminton, track, and ultimate Frisbee. This book gives step by step instructions of how the instructor/parent can teach a child to develop their skills. For those children that are physically challenged, I have included the adaptive (hands-on) techniques with step by step instructions of how to assist that child with performing the sport skills. And most importantly, this book will allow children grow in their abilities and go beyond unexpected limits.

How to Ride a
Bike in 24-Hours

Ricardo Cunningham is by far the LEADER in the industry of adaptive fitness and gross motor development for children and young adults with disabilities.


His book How to Ride a Bike in 24-Hours allows parents to take his techniques and apply them at home. Parents have travelled extreme distances to bring their children to Ricardo so their child could experience the joy and pride or being able to ride their bikes independently. Well there is only one Ricardo Cunningham, and so he has decided to share his secrets of teaching bike riding so that he may be able to reach and help all children beyond his geographical area.


Adaptive Fitness &
Gross Motor Development

Early intervention is critical when dealing with motor delays. Now, with the help of Adaptive Fitness & Gross Motor Development, parents will be able to work with their children in the comfort of their home. They will have a step by step guide on how to perform gross motor development activities the correct way and with proper form. They will be given step by step instructions on how to perform hands on techniques for each activity for those children that need more assistance with performing the skills. And more importantly, they will be able to interact, connect with, empower, and motivate their children into going beyond expected limits.