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Virtual Classes &

Online Program

LCF KIDS Online program is designed to help parents teach their children gross skills and fine motor skills, sports skills, athletic skills, adaptive fitness and how to ride a bike, at their own convenience.


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Live Virtual Sessions

Parents schedule live virtual sessions with an instructor. The instructor will demonstrate activities that the child will follow along.

Parental assistance may be required.

Self Paced Online Program

Parents will have access to monthly videos to complete lesson plans at their convenience.

Parents may also schedule a virtual live session with one of our adaptive fitness experts. The instructor will help parents with the techniques when teaching their child and answer any questions to make the process easier.

​​​We will also give tips on:

·         How to connect and motivate the child

·         Helping with breaking down skills

·         Helping with identifying the skills the child needs to improve on.

·         Helping with structured activities

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