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LCF Kids, is a children’s gym that focuses on skills such as gross motor skills, fine motor skills, motor planning, dynamic and static balancing, visual spatial awareness, tracking, kinesthetic awareness, proprioception, sensory processing disorder, social skills, adaptive sports skills, upper and lower body strength, cardiovascular endurance, sports fundamentals skills,  physical education, coordination, mid-line, weight management and camps.

LCF Kids is a unified program that provides services to children of all ages and all developmental levels. We provide your children with first-class early intervention therapeutic programs.  We work with children with motor development challenges, both physical and cognitively; and also children who needs to improve their athletic skills, physical fitness and strength training. We service clients in the Northern VA area, DC and MD.


The mission of LCF Kids is to foster an environment for learning, developing social and physical skills, and enhancing creativity through personalized training programs, one-on-one sessions with qualified trainers, and therapeutic exercises. Our use of innovative equipment, sports therapy, and medically designed programs aids us in providing quality care for children. Our goal is to make a difference in your life and the life of your child.

We are the number one facility for adaptive fitness, gross motor development and sensory movement in Northern Virginia; located in Falls Church and Ashburn VA. Our state of the art equipment provides innovative ways to help  children with disability to improve their gross motor skills. Our sensory equipment makes fitness more fun and enhances performance through brain body exercise.
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