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Covid-19 Update

June 11th, 2020

We hope you are all safe and have been enjoying your time with your family. Our Falls Church location has been open for the past month for one-on-one classes and day camp, with a very small ratio.  Ashburn location will remain closed for now and we will re-evaluate the status for re-opening in August. Any Ashburn clients that are looking for Summer Camp you are welcome to register at Falls Church location.

We are keeping our gym sanitized and we are confident our gym is safe for all our clients. We have made some changes and implemented new protocols for clients and camp participation.


Firstly, our Gym has a New Layout! Making it even safer for clients to return. We want to make sure you and your family are being kept healthy and safe so we have divided the space in four separate areas that your child can work out in. We will place children into small groups of 3 or 4 and they will utilize separate spaces.


We have also removed the ball pit since it is difficult to sanitize it, and I know it was a major concern for some parents. 


New Protocols for Participation at LCF KIDS:

  1. If your child is sick or have a temperature please keep them home

  2. We will be checking temperatures of all participants each day before entry

  3. Participants must wash their hands upon entry 

  4. Children need to bring their own water bottles each day. We can refill as needed

  5. Staff will be wearing a mask when working with the children, but it's optional for children

  6. Parents will need to wear a mask when entering the building

  7. In June we will be starting camp with a max of 6 children and we will increase to 8 children max for the entire 2020 Summer Camp. 

  8. We will be sanitizing all equipment after use and we have divided the gym to allow us to keep the two groups of three kids  in different spaces

  9. We will also be incorporating activities that allow us to keep as much distance as possible.

April 22nd, 2020

We hope you all are safe and have been enjoying your time with your family over this past month. We have been closed for five weeks, our gym has been sanitized and we are confident our gym is safe for us to resume sessions. As we transition we will be doing one-on-one classes and our group sessions will be a maximum of 3 children.

We will be reopening the Falls Church location only on Monday April 27th. We will send out later notification on Ashburn location.

As we transition into our classes here are some things we will be doing:

  1. As a safety precaution staff will wear a mask when we are in close proximity  to children. It is optional for children to wear a mask, we will leave that to your discretion.

  2. We will be checking children's temperature before class starts

  3. We will be modifying our activities to practice social distancing

  4. We will be sanitizing equipment after use as usual

  5. We will be keep groups to a maximum of 3 children

March 24th, 2020 -  Virtual Classes ONLY until 4/25

The health and safety of our LCF KIDS clients and team is our highest priority. As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the country, I wanted to share some of the actions that LCF KIDS is taking to help protect our clients and staff members.

Even though we are considered an essential business we have decided to close our gyms for the month, effective March 25th until April 25th, so they can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Also giving the 30 day period of no one being in our gym we know for sure the gym will be safe for our clients upon their return.

Once we re-open at  the end of April we will continue to keep our gym safe by modifying our one-on-one activities to keep a safe distance from our clients and we will be keeping our groups to a maximum of 4 children. During Day Camps children will be in groups of 4 and we will only accept a maximum of 8 children in the gym at one time.

Some of the following protocols have always been in place. Others are additional steps we feel are necessary to help prevent the spread of the disease:

  1. All clients are required to wash their hands or apply hand sanitizer before and after every appointment and when necessary.

  2. All staff members are required to wash their hands before and after each appointment and when necessary.

  3. Hand sanitizer stations have been placed in the waiting room and gym. We encourage you and your children to utilize the hand sanitizer frequently.

  4. The therapy ball pit has been closed, as it is difficult to ensure the balls are all cleaned and sanitized after each session.

  5. Equipment are all disinfected after every use.

  6. The door handles and waiting room chairs are being sanitized frequently throughout the day.

We will be having Virtual Classes which you can signup for a 30 mins or a 45 mins class. Virtual Class Signup with one of our instructors.
You may also signup for our Online Program which provides videos you can follow along.

We will continue to take every pre-caution to keep our gyms clean and sanitized.  We wish everyone a healthy and safe time off.


Please email us at or  call us at 703-909-7971 with any questions or concerns.

March 9th, 2020

With the possible outbreak of the Corona Virus we ask that everyone do their part to stay healthy. Wash hands frequently, have a personal water bottle for your child when coming to class, monitor your health, and stay home when ill. There is a hand sanitizer in the waiting room, we ask that everyone please sanitize their hands before entering the gym. We have primarily one-on-one sessions which allows us to easily clean after using each area; and for group classes the maximum children we will allow is six (6) and children will be grouped in threes. This will allow us to have more control of the environment and of the students to keep the gym surfaces clean and sanitized.

As a reminder, common cold and flu viruses are not unusual during the winter season. If your child has a fever or any flu like symptoms please contact us to reschedule your appointment. We would like to use every safety precaution possible to keep everyone healthy and safe.

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