Special Needs Programs


The KIDS ON THE MOVE program  is a fitness program for children with special needs. The program focuses on building children’s self esteem and self confidence, their physical ability,  athletic

development, cardio and strength, and all sports skills through fun interactive sport games.  It also helps them  to enhance their

social skills by learning how to interact and communicate with their peers.


Class are formed based on skill level. An assessment it done to place the child on a group.

One-on-one Sessions & Group Sessions
Therapeutic Exercise / Adaptive Fitness

Therapeutic exercise is a physical therapy intervention encompassing a broad range of activities designed to restore or improve musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary,and/or neurologic function. Adaptive PE is physical education which may be modified to address the individualized needs of children and youth who have gross motor developmental delays.


These services are provided to children with varying levels of special needs including autism, Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities and behavior disorders, as well as to typically developing children with varying skill levels and challenges such as motor delays, and self-esteem and weight management issues


Physical Education School Programs

Physical education (PE) is education through human movement and the development and care of the body. Objectives are achieved by means of muscle activities involving sports, games, gymnastics, and exercise.


These services are offered to local private schools to provide PE services and after school enrichment services. LCF's owner, Ricardo Cunningham, currently provides PE services to an area private school, and local home schooling communities.


Sports Skills

These services are offered to children of all ages and of all skill levels.  We provide training and coaching in basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, ping pong, badminton, track, and bike riding. Beginners will learn the basic fundamentals of the sports and children at an advanced level will enhance their skills, abilities, and endurance.


Children's Fitness & Personal Training

LCF offers personal training for those children who need to work on weight management, endurance, and athletic abilities. We will design a personalized program based on the needs and goals of your child, and we will work with your child in one-on-one or group sessions to achieve those goals.


Social Skills & Group Sessions

LCF offers group sessions for those children who need to work on developing their social skills and their athletic abilities. These programs are designed to facilitate team building, teamwork, and good sportsmanship through movement and communication. Your child will learn how to work in groups, how to cooperate effectively with other children, and how to be a team player.


Bike Riding

Is your child having difficulty learning to ride a bike? LCF is the answer. We offer one-on-one bike riding lessons in 30 minutes and 50 minutes sessions. We teach the child to balance and the proper riding techniques that makes it an easy process. We have a 100% track record on teaching children to ride a bike