The Motor Skills and ABA Friendship Club is a social skills program that incorporates ABA methods with motor development activities.. Our state of the art equipment provides innovative ways to help children with disability to improve their gross motor skills in cooperative play... Now your child will have an opportunity to participate in a social setting where he/she will feel welcome, respected for just who he/she is, and gently encouraged to step out of his/her comfort zone.

LCF KIDS has collaborated with ABA Therapist, Nina Bhatty for the friendship club social skills group.

This is a 6 Weeks program that is open to special needs children and their typical siblings.

Age  Groups: 6yrs - 8yrs and 9yrs - 12yrs4

Cost: $45 per session [$270 per 6 Weeks)

Day: Monday 4pm and 5pm

Dates:  Oct 1st - Nov 5th

  • Motor skills:

  • Motor Planning and gross motor skills

  • Balancing and coordination

  • Sensory Integration Skills

  • Upper Lower body and Core strength

  • Sports Therapy/ Athletic Development

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Cooperative play

  • Respect and Trust

  • Following directions Empathy

  • Turn-taking Flexibility

  • Executive functioning Self-regulation

  • Conflict Resolution Positive Communication

  • Confidence Increase Self-Esteem

  • Initiating and sustaining conversation Peer connections

  • Sustaining attention to activity Building/Sustaining Friendship

  • Humor and laughter Fun and Happiness

Nina Bhatty - Applied Behavior Consultant, Autism Specialist and Mindfulness Educator

Nina Bhatty is an Applied Behavior Consultant, Autism Specialist and Mindfulness Educator.  She has dedicated the past 12 years of her career to Educating, Empowering and Supporting children, their caregivers and professionals through the Autism and Special Needs Journey to maximize potentially unlimited opportunities for their holistic well-being. She has created, led and supervised individual therapeutic interventions for ages 5-22 and facilitated behavior and mindfulness training for their parents. She also created and supervised social group sessions for
special educational non-profit centers in the San Francisco, California area since, 2013. Since 2006, she worked in a public school setting where she supported a social skills pilot program, alongside her professional colleague, for middle school children as well as provided behavior programs for children in K-12 grade.

Nina’s Educational career includes a Master’s degree of Education in Applied Behavior Analysis & Behavioral Intervention in Autism, a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and Certifications in Mindfulness and other Mind-Body work. Her quest for learning continues to focus around the Mind, Behavior and Social Connections.

She has been privileged to work alongside an incredible team of humble, passionate and dedicated individuals striving to support and maximize social and learning opportunities in the lives of individuals and their families with Autism and other Differing Abilities and looks forward to a continued effort with new collaborations with professionals and families in Virginia.