Getting Started


The first step is to take a free tour of our facility and learn more about the programs we offer.


Before we start the program an assessment will be conducted to determine a child’s strengths and areas of challenges. During the assessment the child is asked to demonstrate basic tasks based on their age level. The assessment allows us to set goals for the child and to structure a customized program for the child to ensure success.


Once the assessment is complete our staff will discuss the results of the assessment with the parent and we will set the goals for the child. We then develop a lesson plan and a recommendation is made on what type of sessions and the duration of the sessions that are necessary for the child’s success.


Assessments are recommended by LCF Kids but they are not mandatory. A child may begin the program based on the goals identified by the parent.  In this case, the first few weeks of sessions are spent evaluating the child to determine those skills that need improvement.


To get started please contact us at 703-909-7971 to schedule your assessment or click on the Contact page.